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location is at P.B.Siddhartha college of Arts and Science Vijayawada Andhra Pradesh

I am Asgar Hussain welcome to my Youtube Channel.

About this video :
This is the activity done by Das sir who is a soft skill trainer. Some set of activities are
performed by him in the class this is one of them. For more videos like this,Please go through the links given below.

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About this channel

Hello this is Asgar Hussain , I love shooting videos and editing them. I am a foodie and my wife loves cooking so we will upload at least two videos related to cooking in a month and in between i will try to upload the videos which are interesting to me, they may be related to Business Models, Street food , Restaurants, Activities or Games, Education,Soft skills, etc……Some of the videos related to soft skills are narrated by Dr.Ashok Vardhan who is a good mentor of me. If you want me to cover your business or any interesting topic I am always ready to pack my bags. As i am from Vijayawada i can cover a radius of 100 km from here .

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