Positive Thinking Meditation: Endorphin Meditation with Positive Affirmations

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Getting in touch with the positives in life. Focusing on the positives, positive thinking, rather than the negatives in our lives makes a real difference to how we feel on a day-to-day basis. It motivates us, enables us to feel inspired, brings hope, nurtures healthy self-esteem, builds self-confidence and makes us happy.

Neuroscience suggests that we can train ourselves to feel good and think positively, just like anything else — it’s a learned ability and the more we do it the easier it becomes as we grow the neural pathways and collect cellular memory to take us there again. It’s a powerful yet gentle form of self help for depression.

Endorphin meditation is a recognised way to boost the body’s production of mood enhancing, pain relieving opiates.

Music: Soothing Caress by Christopher Lloyd Clarke. Licensed by RoyaltyFreeMeditationMusic.com
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