बोलने और सुनने की कला | Communication skills | personality development | Art of speaking Sant Harish

00 to 2:33 introduction
2:34 to 4:10 How to speak
4:11 to 6:39 Practices
6:40 to 8:48 Improve your knowledge
8:49 to 10:00 Body Language
10:01 to 11:19 Be a good Listener
11:20 to 12:43 Always be a good learner
12:43 to 13:25 summary, thanks giving and ending

Personality development
In Hindi
Communication skills in Hindi
Art of listening
Art of speaking
Sant Harish

#Communication #skills

*How to speak:

#Make your words Clear.
#Balance your Volume level
#Sweetness of voice
# Give expressions to your words

*Practices: Trainings

#Read books.
#Record your own voice.
# Humming or om chanting.

*Improve your knowledge and

#Speak with confidence.
#Choose your words wisely.

*Body language and Dressing sense:

#Eye Contact
#Body language
#Dressing sense

*Be a good listener.

*Always be a good learner

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