the one habit that is changing my life: set systems rather than goals

“You don’t rise to the level of your goals, you fall to the level of your systems.” Having spent the past few years trying out new habits and creating different routines to optimize productivity, I want to share the single most important habit I’ve grown to understand, embrace and put into practice over the past few months that has completely shifted the way I view habits altogether: creating a system rather than setting goals.

Part 2: How to set systems
Part 3: How to find what’s most important & essential to you

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📆 What’s on the agenda today?
➖ The difference between goals and systems
➖ How I created my system
➖ How you can create your very own

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✨ If you’re at all curious ✨
➫ My spiritual practice, Falun Dafa
➫ If you’re interested in reading more, start with this to get an understanding of what qigong entails
➫ The main text we read is Zhuan Falun*
*Best to read start to finish in the shortest time possible for the highest benefit.

➫ If you want to learn more about Falun Dafa and qigong, check out local contacts in your area – there are practitioners globally and in most big enough-ish cities:

➫ My friend Chris over at China Uncensored made an incredibly informative video on what Falun Dafa is and why it’s being persecuted in China (YT video):


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