UK – London – Battersea Power Station – Light Festival 08_500_1942

UK - London - Battersea Power Station - Light Festival 08_500_1942

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A dusk shot off "Run Beyond" by Angelo Bonello, part of the Battersea Power Station Light Festival. The whole installation features nineteen figures in a sequence but if you wait a while they all come on at the same time to make things easier for photographers…….

For this shot I’ve stood with the Power Station behind me looking northwards across the Thames.

Taken last weekend during a ‘dress rehearsal’ for next Sundays London Flickr Group photowalk round Battersea and Nine Elms. The plan is to finish up at Battersea to photograph the Light Festival before it comes to an end on the 27th February.

If you’re free on Sunday 20th February and this sounds like it might be something that you’re interested in taking part in then you can find more details here :…

Click here for more photos from the area :

From the website, "Run Beyond focuses on the leap that we all must make, sooner or later: the leap to freedom. Which freedom that is, Italian artist, Angelo Bonello doesn’t specify, that is up to the spectator to decide. Bonello said: "This work is about the power of imagination; a force that is so strong that it allows individuals to overcome their fears and limitations so that they can open themselves up to other cultures, new friendships and unknown worlds.” Run Beyond will be displayed on the riverwalk in front of the London landmark."

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