Dark and dangerous.

Dark and dangerous.

The deamon drink ?

A). The Emotional Drunk – Prone to weeping or pouring their heart out to friends.

B). The Flirty Drunk – Seeks to chat up and get cosy with their romantic interests.

C). The Social Drunk – Sober introverts who become drunk socialites, eager to talk to the world.

D). The Angry Drunk – The angry drunk is infamous for turning unpredictable and unsafe after getting drunk. They usually have a few drinks and immediately turn too aggressive for the given setting. They also take the slightest offence or insult and immediately turn things into an altercation.

Drinking alcohol affects the decision making process and usually lowers our inhibitions, so being an angry drunk could indicate that someone has an underlying anger problem that comes out when they start drinking.

Alcohol and other psychoactive substances are known for reducing our ability to recognise emotions and empathise with others. So it should be no surprise that alcohol makes it harder for us to recognise when we are threatening or being hostile to someone else. Likewise, we may also misinterpret when someone is being normal and think they are acting hostile or antagonising.

(Despite how it looks neither of these guys was drunk, threatening, antagonistic or angry).

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