zentangle city landscape artist raphael perez biography resume zen tangle drawing colorful paintings with many details tutorial pattern artists

zentangle city landscape   artist raphael perez biography resume  zen tangle drawing colorful paintings with many details tutorial pattern artists

An interview with the painter Raphael Perez about an artist’s book he created about his family, the Peretz family from 6 Nissan St. Kiryat Yuval Jerusalem

Question: Raphael Perez, tell me about the family artist book you created
Answer: I created close to 40 artist books, notebooks, diaries, sketch books and huge books. I dedicated one of the books to my dear family, a book in which I took a childhood photograph of my family, my parents and brothers and sisters.. I pasted the photographs inside a book (the photograph is 10 percent of the total painting) and I drew with acrylic paints, markers and ink on the book and the photograph, so that the image of the photograph was an inspiration to me Build the story that includes page by page..

Question: Tell me when you were born, where, and a little about your family
Answer: I was born on March 4, 1965 in the Kiryat Yuval neighborhood in Jerusalem
I have a twin brother named Miki Peretz and we are seven brothers and sisters, five boys and two girls

Question: Tell us a little about your parents
Answer: My parents were new immigrants from Morocco, both immigrated young.
My mother’s name before the wedding was Alice – Aliza ben Yair and my father’s name was Shimon Peretz,
My mother was born in the Atlas Mountains and was orphaned at a young age and was later adopted by my father’s family at the age of 10, so that my mother and father spent childhood and adolescence together….
They had a beautiful and happy relationship but sometimes when they argued my mother would say "even when she was a child she was like that…" This means that their acquaintance and relationship dates back to childhood..

Question: What did your parents Shimon and Aliza Peretz work for?
Answer: My father, Shimon Perez, born in 1928 – worked in a building in his youth and then for thirty years worked as a receptionist at Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital in Jerusalem… My father’s great love was actually art, he loved to draw as a hobby, write, read, solve crossword puzzles and research Regarding the issue of medicinal plants, as a breadwinner he could not fulfill his dream of becoming an artist, in order to support and feed seven children. But we are the next generation, his children are engaged in the world of creativity and education, a field in which both of my parents were engaged during their lives. My father died at the age of 69

My mother, Alice Aliza Perez, born in 1934, worked as an assistant to a kindergarten teacher, and later took care of a baby at home. She is a woman of wholehearted giving and caring for children and people, a warm, generous and humble woman.. and took care of us in our childhood for every emotional and physical deficiency.. My mother is right For the year 2023, the 89-year-old is partly happy and happy despite the difficulties of age.. May you have a long life..

My mother really loved gardening and nature and both of them together created a magnificent garden, my parents have a relatively large garden so they could grow many types of special and rare medicinal plants and my father even wrote a catalog (unpublished) of medicinal plants and we even had botany students come to us who were interested in the field… today they They also grow ornamental plants, and fruit trees…

Question: A book about the brothers and sisters
Answer: My elder brother David Perez repented in his mid-twenties.. He was a very sharp, opinionated, curious and very charismatic guy who brought many people back to repentance, and also helped people with problems through the yeshiva and the synagogue to return to the normal path of life, he died young at the age of 56

Hana Peretz: My lovely sister, raised eight children, worked in the field of education, a kindergarten teacher, and child care.
She has a very large extended family of grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren…

My brother Avi (Abraham) Peretz studied in Israel at the University of Philosophy and Judaism, he married a wonderful woman named Mira Drumi, a nurse by profession, and together they had three wonderful children, when they moved to the United States in their mid-twenties, where my brother Avi Peretz completed his master’s degree in education, worked in the field Education and for the last twenty years is A conservative rabbi

The fourth brother is Asher Peretz – a great man of the world, very fond of traveling and has been to magical places all over the world, engaged in the creation of jewelry with two children.

I am Rafi Peretz english raphael perez the fifth and after fifteen minutes my twin brother was born
My mother still gets confused and can’t remember who was born first 🙂

My twin brother Miki micky – Michael Peretz, a beloved brother (everyone is beloved), a talented industrial designer, he has three children, his wife Revital Peretz Ben, who is a well-known art curator, active and responsible for the art field in Tel Aviv, they are a dynamic and talented couple, full of talents and action

The lovely little sister Shlomit Peretz – has been involved in the Bezeq telephone company for almost three decades, and is there in management positions, raising her lovely and beloved child.

The art book I dedicated to my family is colorful, rich in details, shows a very intense childhood, happy, cheerful, colorful, … We were taught to be diligent and to be happy in our part and to see the glass half full in life, to have emotional intelligence and to put the relationship and love at the center with self-fulfillment in work that will interest you us and you will give us satisfaction.

Each of us is different in our life decisions and my family is actually a mosaic of the State of Israel that includes both religious and secular people from the entire political spectrum who understand that the secret to unity is mutual respect for each other… when my mother these days is also the family glue in everyone’s gatherings on Shabbat and holidays..

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