The Start of Something New

The Start of Something New

The Start of Something New
Planet Dokeia
Interplanetary Travel

And I’m on the verge of saying goodbye again. We have come to the end of another adventure together again. We still haven’t found the Plunonians. Unfortunately, I have not encountered any civilization on this planet, which I have visited and named Dokeia, on which I have lived for a while. I was quite surprised that I did not encounter a civilization on this planet suitable for life. Just like the other life-friendly planets I have visited, the planet Dokeia was one of the abandoned habitable planets. Why were these habitable planets abandoned? What was the force that drove the civilizations living on it to leave these planets? These are questions that I still don’t know the answers to. I have not encountered any negatives so far. When I find lost civilizations, I think I will have learned the answers to these questions. If I can find them. When I started space travel, while I was looking for a planet suitable for life, the fact that I found dozens of planets suitable for life and that they were all abandoned frightened me. What could be the power that frightened entire civilizations to leave their planets? The prospect of encountering this power in my interplanetary travels frightened me. What could I do alone in the face of the force that pushed huge civilizations to abandon their planets? In order to overcome my fears, I stop asking myself some questions. And I don’t pay attention to every detail. Otherwise, my interplanetary journey might come to an end. I don’t want to go back to my planet until I complete this mission I’ve been on.

Camera: Canon EOS Kiss X7i
Photograph by Yusuf Alioglu
Location: Outer space (space)

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Posted by yusuf_alioglu on 2023-02-03 14:28:16

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