The Gift

The Gift

The Adventure
The Neko clan had lost its war against the Kitsune.
The proud cats had failed to overcome the mysterious foxes in battle, and every failure has a cost.

Being born the second child, it was now Honni’s duty to save their clan.
They were to become a gift to the son of the Kitsune clan’s leader.

A pretty little gift to hopefully pay for all the bloodshed between the two factions.

Honni’s heart quickened at the thought, filled with dread, tears streaming down their face as the attendants dressed them. They were dressed in white shear cloth, lilies wove into their hair, and gold chains glittered on their body.

They expected to find their new owner to be as cold, hardened, and merciless as the stories had mentioned. Many of the Neko Clan’s best soldiers lost their lives to this man.

Instead, before the young cat stood a man with gentle eyes and compassion in their soft smile.

Later that evening, after the celebration of the spoils of war had died down, Honni was lead to space away from others. There the fox whispered kind things in their ear, easing the cat’s fears.

A soft kiss, exchanged between fox and cat, ended a war.

Where was Honni?
Jilin Estates-Bamboo Location

What’s Honni Wearing?

CryBigBoy-Tango’d Crystal Harness

Noche-Auryn Sarong White

Tentacio-Lilum set
Astara-Princess Piercing Set
Schelm-Prince Crystal Tiara
4Bidden- Belly Chain

Ears and Tail
.Stoic.- Kitty Parts

Mixedtape- With you
Find it here->

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