Taapsee Pannu’s Unstoppable Drive For Career, Success & Work-Life Balance | The Ranveer Show 146

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Taapsee Pannu – one of the top actors of the Hindi Film Industry on The Ranveer Show.

Taapsee’s story has been an inspiration for every young girl not only for a career in the media industry but in all aspects. Her unstoppable ambition is what makes her hungrier than ever. Whether it is about her moving to the South of India and making her career in Tollywood or graduating from engineering college and studying computer science. All of her earlier struggles have benefitted her to make a successful mark for herself. Taapsee Pannu came from a middle-class household in the capital of India – New Delhi. Her first film was in the year 2010 and from there, there was no looking back. Her acting career today is sky-rocketing giving her the chances she always dreamt of.

In this conversation, we have spoken about the concept called “Purple Patch”, which means the peak of a career any individual experiences. Each actor who is part of the industry thinks about the part where he or she is going to get the opportunity only for a specific amount of time, where they really need to put in maximum effort. I have never met an actor who is more ambitious than someone like Taapsee. She spoke about her goal is to just sustain that patch for as long as she can.

The peak of your career will not last forever, it’s called the ‘Purple Patch’. Everyone is working to sustain that ‘Purple Patch’. ~ Taapsee Pannu

After this conversation, the energy that I felt was extremely positive and professional. Having met & spoken to her, I can sense the ambition she has in her work and passion and that’s what is remarkable.

Watch this episode for conversations about online trolling and how she deals with it, the business mindset & her unstoppable drive to make it on her own. Hope you enjoyed the conversation I had with the real dark horse of the Bollywood industry.

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0:00 – Introduction
1:58 – Opinions about engineering
4:58 – Business Mindset
7:15 – Moods of actors
10:05 – The professional switch
13:16 – Her fitness routine
17:11 – Hustle mindset
21:50 – People from outside of Mumbai
26:58 – On independence
28:23 – Perception of Bollywood
32:08 – On Amitabh Bachchan
33:10 – On Akshay Kumar
34:36 – Hate & BTS
43:55 – Social Dilemma
45:27 – Opinions on Bollywood
51:12 – Last thoughts
53:30 – End of the podcast

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