Time management, prioritization and focus time as a designer

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As a designer with a full-time job and multiple side projects, I’m often asked: how do I manage my time?!

Here are some time management tips that have worked for me.

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0:00 – Intro
0:43 – Tip 1: How to prioritize projects
2:32 – How to organize Figma files and save time across the team (Zeplin)
3:56 – Tip 2: How to create focus time
4:12 – No meeting day
4:29 – Focus time blocks
5:07 – Focus topic themes for each day
5:42 – Tip 3: Avoiding procrastination
6:29 – Using the pomodoro timer
7:14 – Tip 4: How to estimate project scope and meet deadlines
9:29 – Tip 5: How to make time for learning and growth
11:44 – Outro

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