The Growing Problem With Personal Finance YouTuber “Influencers”

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I have some bad news for you…

You are probably not going to be rich.

Not a particularly positive message to start a video on but its something that people need to hear from time to time.

Unfortunately, this is not something that most people want to hear, so there is no shortage of people out there that will tell you exactly the opposite, normally as a way to pitch you some kind of product.

Now of course most of you watching know that the YouTube ads saying that you can earn 6 figures in a month by selling on Amazon, Forex trading, or flipping real estate are full of shit.

But they still all follow a pretty similar routine,

hey, you can get rich

as long as you are willing to do XYZ

while listening to the advice I give you!

Again when it turns out that this advice is something that you have to pay for, most people get wise to the fact that it’s all just a massive scam.

Of course some don’t, which is tragic and there really genuinely should be more done about this, but that’s a story for another time… or a Coffeezilla video.

Instead the focus of this video will be on a group of internet guru’s with much more influence, a much larger following, and much more credibility, the personal finance personalities.

So it’s time to learn how money works and find out why you probably shouldn’t be learning to work your money like these popular YouTubers might suggest.

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