How to Choose the Right Career Path in 7 Simple Steps

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Whether you’re a student wondering what to study, a recent graduate just starting their career or an experienced professional looking for a career change, it can be hard to identify what you’re really good at! So, to help you discover the right career path, we’ve put together seven short steps for you to follow.

With a more rounded idea of your personality traits and interests, you can uncover a career that will be perfect for you, and will essentially give you the ideal work-life balance.

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00:00 Introduction
00:37 Make a list of your hobbies
01:02 Discover what you’re good at
01:25 Identify your personality traits
02:09 Determine what you want out of a career
02:33 Talk to industry experts
02:54 Research the job market
03:20 Discover your core values


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