Emotional & Physical Pain Relief | Reduce Stress & Tension | Deep Healing 174Hz Meditation Music

Find relief from emotional and physical pain, reduce your emotional and body tension and find back to physical and mental calmness! This specially composed 174Hz meditation music will lovingly accompany you on your way to well-being and inner peace.

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Solfeggio frequencies form part of an ancient scale that was rediscovered in the early 70’s. Originally used in Gregorian chants for centuries, they recently were brought to everybody’s attention for their healing powers. The original solfeggio scale consisted of 6 different tones, each tone vibrating in its own frequency and carrying its own benefits. Later on, 3 additional tones where discovered by Dr. Leonard Horowitz and added to the initial scale which now consists of a total of 9 tones.

The music in this video was composed in the lowest Solfeggio tone: the “F” at 174Hz. Also known as “frequency of the Earth Energy”, the frequency of 174Hz enables a connection between us and the Earth. Besides its calming and relaxing qualities on the mind, the 174Hz healing frequency also appears to have an effect on relaxing muscles and tendons and thereby alleviating tension and pain.

Some of the benefits of the 174 Hz Solfeggio frequency are:

• It helps with back pain
• it helps with foot pain
• it helps with migraine
• it helps with stress-related pain
• it helps with shoulder and neck pain
• it increases concentration
• it gives a sense of security

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The music in this video is an original 174Hz composition and has not been artificially tuned to 174 Hz afterwards. I am convinced that, composing 174 Hz music in its original frequency, will lead to better results when it comes to deploying the positive energy and benefits of this particular Solfeggio frequency.

Feel free to listen to this originally composed 174 Hz healing frequency Solfeggio frequency meditation music with headphones or – if you prefer – just let this 174Hz healing frequency meditation music flow through open space. As long as it is positive for you, it will be positive for your body and soul.

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Love and gratitude 💖🙏🏼
Pierre Ynad

This 174 Hz healing frequency Solfeggio meditation music to heal emotional pain, heal physical pain, reduce tension and provide mental and physical relief, has been composed with Love in the natural Solfeggio frequency of 174Hz, also known as being helpful as a pain relief frequency, and can also be used for pain relief music, pain relief frequency, 174 hz pain relief meditation, 174 hz frequency meditation, 174 hz pure tone meditation, as 174 hz meditation music, 174 hz sleep music, 174 hz healing music, 174 hz therapy music, 174 hz healing frequency, 174 hz solfeggio music, 174 hz pure tone music, 174 hz meditation to heal emotional pain, 174 hz meditation to heal physical pain, 174 hz meditation to reduce stress, 174 hz meditation to reduce tension, 174 hz music, music fo help with lovesickness, lovesick music and for all activities that benefit from 174 Hz Solfeggio frequency meditation music.

Note: Do not listen to music emphasizing particular frequencies if you suffer from epilepsy! If you have any concerns or other health issues you are uncertain of, please check with your medical practitioner prior to listening.

Please do not listen to the music on this channel whilst driving or operating machinery of any kind! Although this music can help you to relax, meditate and sleep, it is not taking the place of professional medical and/or therapeutic advice and/or treatment.

Music composed and produced by Pierre Ynad
Copyright ⓒ 2021 Inner Lotus Music ™. All rights reserved.

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