INSTANTLY Improve Game Sense Through Better DECISION MAKING in Valorant (In-Depth Guide)

Hey guys! Here’s a guide on how to make better decisions and improve game sense. This is basically the general framework of how I make decisions so I hope you find it helpful. 馃檪

You can have the best aim in Valorant, but still not make it past the lower ranks. In my opinion, game sense and decision making are just as important as having good aim. Sometimes, it might even be more important, as someone with good game sense will be able to put themselves in favorable situations that might not need good aim to begin with. In this video, I’m going to teach you how to make better decisions and improve your game sense in Valorant.

0:00 Introduction
0:35 What Makes a Good Decision?
1:19 A Simplified Example
2:41 The Factors to Good Decisions
3:15 Economy (What Guns Do They Have?)
4:27 Tendencies (Repeated Actions)
5:28 Abilities (What’s Been Used?)
6:30 Angle Advantage (Beneficial Angles)
7:38 Performance + Tilt
8:19 In-Game Example (Applying the 5 Factors)
10:20 Conclusion

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