The Full Story of Seddie 馃挊 Sam and Freddie’s Relationship Timeline | iCarly

Seddie, Seddie, Seddie! Sam and Freddie are one of the greatest will-they won’t-they couples, but I think we all cried a little when they finally got together. Here’s the full story of Seddie (Sam Puckett and Freddie Benson) and their relationship timeline from iCarly and Sam & Cat!

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0:00 – Start
0:08 – Frenemies
0:35 – Freddie’s First Kiss
2:30 – Sam and Freddie’s First Kiss
4:41 – Back to Bickering
5:01 – Secret Crush
5:40 – Mood: In Love
8:35 – Freddie’s Feelings
9:25 – Seddie
10:40 – Splitting Up
12:25 – I Love You
13:20 – Goodbye
13:26 – Freddie and Cat

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