the student guide to personal finance 💸 adulting 101

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in today’s video we shall discuss jobs for teens, budgeting, saving, and the basics of money management. let me know if you would like more videos on any of these topics!

0:00 intro
0:43 the bare bones basics
1:50 income + jobs
3:16 grammarly demo (ad)
4:26 income + jobs, continued
5:09 checking accounts + how to avoid losing money to them
7:58 budgeting + a simple template
9:15 must-have spending (student loans, bills, groceries, etc)
10:58 nice-to-have spending (going out + shopping)
12:34 credit cards + building your credit score
14:21 savings in high-yield accounts
16:23 investing in stocks + bonds
19:09 retirement + why to start saving ASAP
20:31 final recap

⋅ tips to start a studygram/studytube –
⋅ ipad pro unboxing + current setup –
⋅ how to actually reach your goals –
⋅ how to trick yourself into being productive –

⋅ the financial diet (youtube channel)
⋅ – a budgeting + spending tracker app
⋅ broke millenial by erin lowry (book + blog)
⋅ all your worth by amelia warren tyagi + elizabeth warren (book)

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