GRATEFUL SLEEP Meditation ~ Manifest Anything with Gratitude

Welcome to dauchsy meditations. This meditation was made to help you understand the amazing power of gratitude and to help you open up and reveal your grateful heart. Being grateful or thankful is more than just something you do once a year on thanksgiving. I believe that gratitude is the one, most powerful thing you can do right now that can dramatically change your life for the better. If there was only one thing I could choose to use to improve my life, only one thing, I would absolutely, without a doubt choose gratitude. You may be asking, why does gratitude work so well, or how can this simple word change my life so much? Well, first, feeling grateful will instantly change your thoughts and your state from negative to positive. You can overcome depression, anxiety, or most any mental illnesses just by being grateful. Feeling grateful actually changes the chemicals in your brain that help to combat and overcome mental illness. On the other hand, the lack of gratitude is why you see people who look like they have everything, perfect lives, wealthy, famous, but are actually miserable. It’s because They always expect more and are never grateful for what they have. You can be poor, and living on the streets and be full of joy and happiness simply by having gratitude. Second, we actually attract more of what we are grateful for. We attract the feelings, the thoughts, and essentially the things we are grateful for. And when you begin to look for more things to be grateful for, you will find them, and you will create a habit that will make you continue to find them over and over and over again. As you know, we become what we think about most. And if we continue to be grateful for every little thing we do have, we will attract more and more wonderful things into our lives. Now, there is one more thing that I wanted to leave for last, There is a secret when using gratitude, . And this secret is, You can use it to manifest anything you want. Like I said, we attract more of what we are grateful for, now the secret it, you can be grateful for future events. You can be grateful for things you have not yet received. And this will attract to you those future events, because what you see and feel in your mind, will manifest in your reality.
I made this a sleep meditation, because it is so important to go to bed feeling good, and feeling grateful. You will notice that, instead of waking up tired, sluggish, and dreading the day ahead, you will begin to wake up with joy, wake up with energy and excitement to start the day. The more you do this, the more it becomes a habit and the better each morning will become. It’s something I cannot even explain, but something you just need to experience to truly understand it.



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