Struggling To Make The Right Choice? Here’s What To Do! Gaur Gopal Das

Have you ever been in a situation where you have only two choices uncertainty about which one will work and which one will not? Although you have to choose one of them. One willing to bear the consequences that it brings. Many people are not able to decide and remain confused in there life. Most of the people are not be confronted with difficult situations where the choice made will be beneficial for us or not yet we have our own journey to take and choices to make. If the choice you make works its fantastic. We can tell people it works. If it doesn’t we can share the experience. For more information go through Gaur Gopal Das Videos.

Been in a situation where we have only two choices and uncertain about which one will really work. We need to choose one and bear the consequences rather than remain undecided and confused. If we share our experience of the journey that we take and the choices that we make, then it will empower others to make a better decision.

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About Gaur Gopal Das

Gaur Gopal Das is an Electrical Engineer, having studied at the College Of Engineering, Pune. He has been speaking at various prestigious academic institutions and corporate firms in India and abroad for over 2 decades and has even spoken at the United Nations & British Parliament. He has spoken at many charity events to raise funds for social initiatives in the field of education and rural development. His motivational videos are viral having reached around 1 Billion views. With over 13 million followers across all social media platforms, he is known as the urban, online monk.

He has been the recipient of several awards including the most prestigious Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival award, Lokmat’s most stylish international life coach award,  an Honorary Doctorate by KIIT university and many more in recognition of the work he has been doing. Based on the timeless wisdom coming down from ages, his talks make the audience think deeper and find simple solutions to difficult problems.

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