Curves and Cascades ~ Zion Narrows ~{explored}~

Curves and Cascades ~ Zion Narrows ~{explored}~

Virgin River Narrows | Zion National Park

Happy Wednesday!! 馃檪

Well, looks like everybody’s been posting their shots of this place since fall is prime time with lower water levels…this was my first time heading up there…so here’s one of my takes!

So, I thought it would be cool to do this river walk withOUT watershoes or a dry suit…so there I was, freezing my poor little feet off in the ice cold water…but it did make the photos all the more worthwhile. I did make it up past the end of Wall Street, but I think this area just might have been my favorite. Hopefully this shot is a little different, more intimate than some of the others you might have seen of this canyon…let me know how it works for you. My camera’s pretty much in the water.

This is taking the ultimate amount of self-discipline…but look at me…four shots in a row with no lakes and reflections 馃槈

enjoy, and have a great week!

(Explored 11.19.12 — my third in a row — thanks, y’all!!)

– Jeff


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