How To Unf*ck Your Life

If I had no money, no friends, I was out of shape, and hated myself, this is what I would do.

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Intro: 0:00
Creating Your Own Purpose: 1:03
Creating A New Identity: 2:56
The Next Smallest Step: 3:55
Hang It Up: 4:56
Structuring My Day: 5:21
My First Goal: 6:14
My Second Goal: 6:57
My Third Goal: 7:46
The Hardest Part Of Your Journey: 8:39
How To Overcome It: 10:07
What Your Future Will Look Like: 12:49
How To Improve Social Skills: 13:26

Topics: How to get out of a rut, how to get out of rock bottom, what to do when your life is falling apart, how to stop wasting your life, how to reach your full potential


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